Music Is My Form of Personal Therapy

Posted by Versityle Category: News

I started this journey of music to get things off my chest. My life is in these songs. At first my close friends embraced my music and wanted to make it their own by helping out and showing support. Some tried their hand at beat making while others ran the streets in an effort to sell my music to the public. Everything seemed to work out well in the beginning.

Unfortunately the content of my music caused some to exit because they felt they were being treated unfairly. Others seemed to think they were putting in more effort then myself. One by one they each left until it was just me and my graphics designer. It’s true what they say about mixing friends with business. I have no regrets or hard feelings to those that went away. This all started with me way before I met any of them so it kind of feels right that I continue on alone.

Everyone has an opinion or “version” of their story I guess. I’ve learned to let go of the past and keep my eyes opened towards the future. If I speak on our past don’t get offended. Its the past. It just happens to be part of my life so in turn it would end up in my music sooner or later. To be self conscience of what others think of it is petty. You throw away our friendships and history over my “HIS-Story”.

I can’t change the way I am and I refuse to censor myself for the sake of relationships when music is all I have left. You don’t have to agree with me or see eye to eye on the topics. You do, however, have to respect the dedication I’ve put into this since day one. Freedom of speech and self expression is what music truly is all about. You censor that and you’re no better then the government trying to control the flow of information from the people.

Food for thought if you can stomach the taste.