My 2001 Trip to NY

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In the summer of 2001 I caught the attention of a independent record label in New York. This was a big deal to me because at that point in my life I desperately wanted to land a record deal so I was sending out demo c.d.’s like crazy throughout the country. Literally. I was asked to fly out to NY and record some tracks and meet the C.E.O. of Darklab Records. I knew him as Anthony while everyone else called him “Lucky”.

This was the first person outside of my camp that saw something in my music that made him take a chance on me. He even let me stay in his home during my visit. We both had such high hopes for each other and it seemed like we were destined to work together. Me being from California and him from New York. I was soaking up the city too since I had never traveled anywhere outside of Cali in my life, let alone traveling by myself.

I was only 19 at the time so it was all very exciting and intoxicating to know my music got me that far across the country. I have to thank my parents for giving me that experience. I recorded about nine tracks during my two weeks there. I was offered the opportunity to stay in New York to help build the label into something bigger with me being one of the main headlines to his record label. At the time I was having relationship issues with my girlfriend so I decided to come back instead of living in New York so that I could fix our relationship. Despite my efforts I ended up losing my girlfriend, my circle of friends, the record label, and Lucky. So that left me with a bitter taste in my mouth for awhile.

On a positive note all the work I did in New York gave me enough material to record my first body of work entitled “8 and 1/2 trax: An EP Album”. Just a couple months later 9/11 happened. I have no idea how that would’ve affected my life had I stayed and even though I lost everyone around me for the second time in my life I regret nothing because everything that happened in my past, good or bad, has lead me to where I am at today.

Every experience we share and live through is a stepping stone to becoming the person we are when we stand in front of the mirror. You either love or hate yourself for the decisions you’ve made up until that point. As for me? I’m still learning to love myself but at least I know who I am and where I’m going now and excuse my language but who the fuck are you to judge and criticize me? I lived. You merely existed.